GSO Premium Jig – Big Game Head

GSO Fishing Premium Big Game Head Jig
We wanted to design a multi-use jig head that would have the strength and design to catch ANY fish you want to catch. This head can be used with swimbaits, tube jigs, curly tail grubs, and more.
We chose sizes 4/0 and 5/0 Trokar 860P Pro-V bend, triangle point, heavy wire jig hooks. The Trokar design is a three-sided, machined point that is surgically sharpened, creating a hook that requires less pressure to penetrate when setting the hook on a fish.
The Pro-V bend has a lot less flex compared to a traditional round bend hook, making it ideal for holding hard fighting, jumping, and pulling fish.
We rounded out our design with a premium paint finish holographic eyes making the ultimate big game head.
Colors: Chrome (Silver Eyes) Pearl (Silver Eyes) White (Red Eyes) Chartreuse (Red Eyes)
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GSO Fishing Premium Big Game Head Sizes