GSO Premium Finesse Jigs

GSO Fishing Premium Finesse Jig

A GSO signature lure. Built from the ground up as a Trophy Fish bait. Each one is designed to perfectly match the hatch. We use silicone skirts to make up the body, giving the lure the best color combos and movement in the water. The heads are painted with high quality, chip resistant powder paint.

We use 2 head styles for our finesse jigs. 

The Football head is used for jigs that are typically fished along the bottom. The football head is the perfect head design for navigating rocky structure and minimizing hang ups. A wire bait keeper is tied onto the hook shank to secure your trailer.

The Shad head is used with our bait fish imitating jigs. These heads are streamlined for a straight retrieve in open water or sliding through grass. 3D eyes are also added to this head for added attraction. A molded in bait keeper holds your trailer firmly in place.

*These lures are designed to be used with a soft plastic trailer. There are many options out there that will complete this ultimate jig package. Typically a 2″-3″ bait works best.

Some examples include…
Z-Man TRD Crawz
Strike King Baby Menace Grubs
Power Grubs
Keitech Fat Swing Impact 2.8″ swimbait

Colors: Bruised, Spring Craw, Magic Craw, Camo Craw, Coal Black, Kokanee Fry, Perch, Rainbow Trout

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GSO Fishing Premium Finesse Jig

Color: Bruised

GSO Premium Finesse Jig Coal Black

Color: Coal Black

GSO Premium Finesse Jig Spring Craw

Color: Spring Craw

GSO Premium Finesse Jig Kokanee Fry

Color: Kokanee Fry

GSO Premium Finesse Jig Magic Craw

Color: Magic Craw

GSO Premium Finesse Jig Perch

Color: Perch

GSO Premium Finesse Jig Camo Craw

Color: Camo Craw

GSO Premium Finesse Rainbow Trout

Color: Rainbow Trout