Photo Gallery

We have taken so many amazing photos over the course of our 15 years of Guiding in Gunnison, CO on Blue Mesa Reservoir. These images are just a fraction of our photos available! If you wish to view more photos or current photos and information visit our Instagram and Facebook pages. Like and follow us so you can stay up to date on all things GSO Fishing.

Blue Mesa Reservoir Lake Trout Fishing

Spring & early Fall are prime times to visit Blue Mesa and fish for Lake Trout. These giants enjoy the cooler water temps and hide in the depths during the high heat of Summer.

Perch Fishing

Perch fishing on Blue Mesa Reservoir is fun for the whole family! From late May to October Yellow Perch can be found in every basin of the lake.

Salmon Fishing

The Kokanee Salmon can be found in big and small schools in Blue Mesa Reservoir all year long but the most common way we fish for them is trolling from June to August. They can also be found staging in deeper water in the late Summer and patrolling the hard waters during ice fishing.

Brown Trout Fishing

Brown trout fishing on Blue Mesa Reservoir never disappoints. All year long the Browns patrol the lake looking for a meal. From jigging in the Winter, to bank casting in the Spring and Fall, to trolling in the Summer, the Browns are ready and eager for their next meal.


Kayaking on Big Blue is such a unique way to experience the 360 degree views of our lake. High winds in the Spring can cause a bit of trouble in the afternoons but early morning trips and evening sunset trips sure can take your breath away.

For more information about the different fishing seasons on Blue Mesa visit our Fishing Trips page. You can also give any of our guides a call at the numbers listed on our Contact Us page.