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Marabou Jig – Basics

Ever wonder ‘what is a marabou jig and when do I use it?’ Here is a quick overview of Marabou Jig – Basics. Read our other blog posts for more in-depth information about Marabou Jigs and how to use them. What Is It: Cast & Retrieve Jig made out of a painted lead head with […]

Trolling With Corn – Kokanne Salmon

Kokanne Salmon – Trolling with Corn Kokanee are a plankton eater, meaning that despite popular belief, Kokanee do not eat your lures. They are extremely territorial so when a Kokanee goes after your lure it is actually to defend their territory. So, how do you lure in a fish that won’t eat your lure? You […]

Lake Turnover – Fall Fishing

A common occurrence in many lakes is lake turnover. In the fall of the year, water temps begin cool at the surface. At a certain point, the surface water will reach a lower temperature than the water below. Cooler water is denser than warm water, so the surface water suddenly sinks to the bottom, creating […]

Shoreline Fishing – Hang-Ups

Hang-ups Shore fishing can pose some issues when fishing certain types of lures. The main ones are lures that are fished on the bottom or in the deeper part of the water column. Two examples would be jigs and jerkbaits. Marabous As you bring these lures in, you are fishing them “uphill”. If you are […]

Shoreline Fishing – Strike Zone

Casting Distance vs. Strike Zone. This time of year, do you notice that boat anglers are usually casting towards the bank and most of the time, trying to get their lure as close to the shore as possible? In the Spring and early Summer, most fish are shallow to very shallow, cruising the warming water […]

Shoreline Fishing – Shore Crowding

With many anglers fishing from the shore right now, we’ve definitely witnessed some shore crowding even at Blue Mesa. If shore crowding is an issue in your area select a section of bank that has harder to navigate terrain. Most anglers won’t fish in the rocks so this will give you a bit more shoreline […]

Shoreline Fishing – Wind Direction

Wind Direction – “Wind is your friend!” One thing we always try to do in the boat is chase the wind. Wind moves bait around and breaks up the surface, making the fish easier to catch. The rough surface will break up the light penetration, making your lures less visible, which helps fool sight feeding […]

Shoreline Fishing – Lure Presentation

Lure Presentation Angles, shadows, structure, and wind direction are a few factors that determine what lure to throw, where to throw it and how to work it. Lure presentation from the shore can also become a “fisherman position” challenge. Be sure to pick the best area of the lake to fish based on these factors. […]

Shoreline Fishing – Rough Terrain

Rough Terrain / Muddy Beaches: Some of the very best fishing has the absolutely worst terrain to navigate and that’s why we access it from our boat. Take away that option and you’re left with walking in on foot or missing out on some amazing fishing. Here are some of our quick and easy tips […]

Shoreline Fishing – Tackle Prep And Gear Selection

Shoreline Fishing – Tackle Prep and Gear Selection Before you leave the house, you’ll probably need to reorganize your tackle to make it more portable. As a boat angler, I’m used to being able to store 25 rods and 40 tackle boxes in my boat. That obviously is not an option when shore fishing. The […]

GVF Lures – Trusted Tackle Companies

When our guide Randy came across GVF Lures a couple years ago, we quickly discovered that this brand is different. In a great way! . Rich is very meticulous in his design and construction. What he’s created are unique lures that flat out catch fish! There is nothing on market like his spinners, dodgers, spoons […]

How To Hold A Fish – Take A Kid Fishing

With four daughters you can bet we’ve had a heck of a time getting them to hold fish over the years. Some of them absolutely love holding fish and some down right refuse to hold one. One of our very favorite fishing memories was taking our girls to the the river right at ice off. […]

Colorado Fish Species Word Search

We’ve all had those days when we head out to the lake with the family and everyone starts out excited but maybe an hour into it the fishing is slow and everyone’s mood quickly goes downhill. Furthermore, some days kids just really don’t want to fish no matter if the fishing is fantastic or slow. […]

Garlic Pepper Trout Fillets – Guide Favorite

Garlic Pepper Trout Fillets: People ask our guides all the time how they cook their trout and honestly we all prepare it differently. Some of our guides love to make it super spicy, some love to smoke the fillets and eat them with cheese. They even been known to make amazing Kokanee salmon ceviche! After […]

Colorado Fish ID Coloring Sheet

Colorado Fish ID Coloring Sheet: We’ve all had those days when we head out to the lake with the family and everyone starts out excited but maybe an hour into it the fishing is slow and everyone’s mood quickly goes downhill. Furthermore, some days kids just really don’t want to fish no matter if the […]

First Half Of 2020

When you’re only focused on moving forward it is easy to forget how far you’ve come. The first half of 2020 has thrown us some curves and a few uphill battles but we are still standing strong. So Far In 2020, We’ve: – Had the pleasure of joining Terry Wickstrom Outdoors on his show radio show multiple […]

Rocky Mountain Tackle – Trusted Tackle Companies

We have tested many different types and brands of fishing lures on our boats over the years and found that Rocky Mountain Tackle Company lures are outstanding. Whether it’s their UV dodgers, squid, signature spinners, or billfish squid. We use all of their tackle on our guide boats. Hands down they catch fish. RMT even partnered with […]

Mauk Fishing Stuff Tackle Binders – Trusted Tackle Companies

Another great product we have found that helps keep our tackle organized is these mesh dodger jackets by Mauk Fishing Stuff (DBA Lure Safe.) . They come with a binder for storage, close with velcro, and have easy carry handles. They come in several sizes and easily hold all our different dodger types. We’ve used them […]

Sunscreen Tip – GSO Fishing

Sunscreen Tip: Sunscreen is an absolute must for us everyday out on the water. After years of trying multiple brands of sunscreen that were extremely oily, got on our tackle, didn’t cover well, smelled horrid, etc. we tried Neutrogena sunscreen and have bought it ever since. The only down side seems to be the cap. […]

Three Uses For Our TRG MudBugs

With the addition of the new TRG MudBugs, we thought we’d share a few uses for these soft plastic, Finesse craws. You can use them as a jig trailer or on a football head, or even on a ned rig. Keep reading to find out how. . 1 – Use It As A Jig Trailer. […]

Rod Color Matters When Trolling…

Now, we know you think we’re a little crazy by saying that rod color matters when trolling (the fish don’t even see the rod!) but stay with us on this one. . When we first started GSO back in 2006 rod color was the last thing on our minds. As time went on we noticed […]

Understanding Glow – Jig Paint Finishes

With almost all fishing lures and jig heads, there are 3 types of paint finishes Regular Colored Finishes and Paints UV Glow Finishes and Paints Glow Finishes and Paints Regular Finishes These finishes are the most common and used most of the time in shallow water, less than 30 feet. The following chart shows what […]

Take A Kid Fishing

#TakeAKidFishing Our hashtag is more than just a hashtag, it’s the foundation of our entire business. Every trip we’ve taken, every angler we’ve helped, every jig we’ve produced, all started with Andy, and the fact that his family took him fishing as a child. Little did they know that his childhood love of fishing would […]

GSO Fishing Premium Jigs – An Easier Way

Andy and I have spent countless hours working on jigs in our shop this year. Painting, pouring, baking, packaging. Rinse, lather, repeat… We want to make sure that we’re fully stocked in stores and online but that means long, hard hours, and lots of late nights. From time to time (usually around midnight) We find […]

Trusted Tackle Companies – 4 Fins Weights

Here at GSO Fishing, we are always looking for anything that can make our time on the water more efficient. When we find tools or tackle that fit that bill we love to share it with other anglers in hopes of helping them be more efficient and successful on the water as well. We want […]

Rowe’s Cajun Fish Tacos

Looking for the perfect recipe to spice up your next Taco Tuesday? Look no further than Rowe’s Cajun Fish Tacos! These Cajun perch fillets paired with Liz’s Secret Sauce melt in your mouth and keep you craving more! . Ingredients: Blue Mesa Perch (as many as you want to eat) (Note: Any kind of fish […]

Can Anyone Be A Fishing Guide?

I  recently asked our team of guides if they thought anyone could be a fishing guide. I thought for sure I would hear a resounding “no” across the board because, believe it or not, guiding is hard work and not right for everybody.  You’re dealing with extremely early mornings, adverse weather conditions, fish that don’t […]

Guide Ryan VanLanen’s Easy Fish Tacos

Not sure what to make for dinner tonight? Why not try guide Ryan Vanlanen’s easy fish tacos! They only take around 10 minutes to make. . Ingredients: Blue Mesa Perch (6-12 fillets) (Note: Any kind of fish will work with this recipe) Powdered Taco Seasoning (1 package) Oil (3 tsp) Corn Tortillas (6-12) Toppings (coleslaw, […]

How To Dress In Layers For Your Next Guided Trip

Colorado is known for having temperamental weather at best and for snowing on the 4th of July at worst. We can go from sun to rain to blowing snow in 10 minutes on any day of the year. So, what does that mean when you’ve scheduled a guided trip and the forecast says it will […]