Colorado Fish ID Coloring Sheet

Colorado Fish ID Coloring Sheet With Pike, Salmon, Trout and Perch

Colorado Fish ID Coloring Sheet:

We’ve all had those days when we head out to the lake with the family and everyone starts out excited but maybe an hour into it the fishing is slow and everyone’s mood quickly goes downhill. Furthermore, some days kids just really don’t want to fish no matter if the fishing is fantastic or slow. Either way, keeping kids entertained on the lake can be a monumental task but it doesn’t have to be a frustrating one.

Next time you head out to the lake bring a box of crayons or colored pencils, a clipboard, and this free Colorado Fish ID Coloring Sheet.  With images of Pike, Salmon, Perch, and Trout it will help keep your kids boredom at bay while they learn about some of the fish species in Colorado.

Ways To Expand On This Word Search

  • Discuss the differences between each species of fish.
    • Talk about their different colors, shapes, what they eat, do they have teeth, etc.
  • Talk about the different habitats that they live in.
  • List different ways to catch each species (jigging, trolling, casting, etc.)
  • Talk about what species live in the lake you are fishing on.
  • Tell stories of you favorite fishing memories for each species you have caught.

We hope this simple word search helps makes you next outdoor adventure an even more memorable one. #takeakidfishing 

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