Level Up Fishing Podcast Episode 20 – Pros And Cons Of Trolling

Pros And Cons Of Trolling – Level Up Fishing Podcast Hosts Stormy Cochran and Andy Cochran (Owners of GSO Fishing)

Welcome to the 20th episode of the Level Up Fishing Podcast! In this milestone episode, we dive deep into the world of trolling – and no, it’s not just about going in circles on the lake waiting for a bite. We break down what trolling truly means to us and how it can drastically improve your fishing game.

Discover the various equipment that can help you dial in your trolling system, from downriggers and leadcore line to dipsy divers and planer boards. We also share the keys to successful trolling, revealing that it’s not just about the color of your lure or the scent you’re using.

Plus, we highlight how trolling is perfect for family and group fishing trips, and easier on your body than other fishing methods.

Don’t miss this episode – listen now and level up your fishing with these key tips and tactics!

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