Level Up Fishing Podcast: Episode 9 – Rigging Tube Jigs

Rigging Tube Jigs – Level Up Fishing Podcast Hosts Stormy Cochran and Andy Cochran (Owners of GSO Fishing)

We are completing our Tube Jig Series with Rigging Tube Jigs and talking about some of our favorite tube jig producers in the industry! We also cover a few tips when rigging your tube, including how scents can help with rigging and attracting fish and the different types of rigs you can use with a tube jig.

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to meet and become friends with many small business owners in the industry who make outstanding products. From custom colors to unique designs, durability, and super glow colors, this list of tube jig makers has it all! 

Be sure to check out:

Carl’s Custom Soft Plastics – https://carlscustomsoftplastics.com/

Chase Nicholson – Find him on Instagram @chasenicholson23

Freshwater Basics – https://rockymountaintackle.com/product/glow-tubes/

Radical Glow – https://radicalglow.com/

Send It Outdoors – https://www.senditoutdoors.com/

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