Turn Off Your Headlights

Why Do I Need To Turn Off My Headlights On The Boatramp - Photo of boatramp at first light with a sunrise and a truck on the boat ramp with it's lights on.

Please, Turn Off Your Headlights!

Launching at first light is one of the best times of the day to be out fishing, but it can come with its own set of challenges.

During this time, the sun hasn’t fully risen, so most people automatically have their headlights on while backing their trailer down the ramp.

The problem with that is…

  1. You don’t actually need your headlights as you back your trailer down the ramp because they are shining in front of you and not behind.
  2. The person backing down behind you can’t see because of your headlights shining in their mirrors. Anglers rely on their mirrors to back down the ramp, and with your headlights on, they are shining directly into the other vehicle’s mirrors, making it much harder for them to back their trailer down the ramp.

This is made much worse on a narrow ramp that will only launch two or three boats at a time, a ramp that has a curve to it, one with a steep grade, or if the angler is inexperienced in backing a trailer.

So, next time you’re launching your boat at first light, take a second to click those headlights off and be respectful of your fellow anglers.

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