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GSO Fishing - Ice Hole Setup
Ice Hole Set-up when using your fish finder and 2 rods The optimal set-up we’ve found for setting up your holes is as follows… Drill 3 holes in a pyramid shape. The top/center hole is for your fish finder. The two holes to either side are for fishing.  This setup […]

Ice Hole Setup

Ever wonder ‘what is a marabou jig and when do I use it?’ Here is a quick overview of Marabou Jig – Basics. Read our other blog posts for more in-depth information about Marabou Jigs and how to use them. What Is It: Cast & Retrieve Jig made out of […]

Marabou Jig – Basics

Kokanne Salmon – Trolling with Corn Kokanee are a plankton eater, meaning that despite popular belief, Kokanee do not eat your lures. They are extremely territorial so when a Kokanee goes after your lure it is actually to defend their territory. So, how do you lure in a fish that […]

Trolling With Corn – Kokanne Salmon

A common occurrence in many lakes is lake turnover. In the fall of the year, water temps begin cool at the surface. At a certain point, the surface water will reach a lower temperature than the water below. Cooler water is denser than warm water, so the surface water suddenly […]

Lake Turnover – Fall Fishing

Hang-ups Shore fishing can pose some issues when fishing certain types of lures. The main ones are lures that are fished on the bottom or in the deeper part of the water column. Two examples would be jigs and jerkbaits. Marabous As you bring these lures in, you are fishing […]

Shoreline Fishing – Hang-Ups

Casting Distance vs. Strike Zone. This time of year, do you notice that boat anglers are usually casting towards the bank and most of the time, trying to get their lure as close to the shore as possible? In the Spring and early Summer, most fish are shallow to very […]

Shoreline Fishing – Strike Zone

With many anglers fishing from the shore right now, we’ve definitely witnessed some shore crowding even at Blue Mesa. If shore crowding is an issue in your area select a section of bank that has harder to navigate terrain. Most anglers won’t fish in the rocks so this will give […]

Shoreline Fishing – Shore Crowding