GSO Premium Tube Jig – Standard 90°

GSO Premium Tube Jig 90° Line Tie

This is our go-to head for vertical jigging tube jigs. The traditional cylinder shape head design along with a 90-degree line tie, help hold the tube jig horizontal in the water column. We chose a size 3/0 Trokar 570 Pro-V bend, triangle point, medium wire jig hook. The Trokar design is a three-sided, machined point that is surgically sharpened, creating a hook that requires less pressure to penetrate when setting the hook on a fish.

The Pro-V bend has a lot less flex compared to a traditional round bend hook, making it ideal for holding hard fighting, jumping, and pulling fish.

Sizes: 1/8 oz. 1/4 oz. 3/8 oz.

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