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No more frustration with inconsistent perch catches! Our on-the-water training will provide you with the knowledge and skills to maximize your fishing success.

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Introducing the Perch Fishing Tactics Class with GSO Fishing!

GSO Fishing is thrilled to offer an exclusive on-the-water training experience tailored specifically for Perch fishing. Join us on Blue Mesa, where we will guide you through the essentials of Perch fishing and equip you with the knowledge to perfect your Perch fishing techniques.

With only four spots available per class, we ensure a personalized and immersive learning environment. Our expert instructor is dedicated to answering all of your questions and providing individualized attention, ensuring that you leave the training armed with comprehensive knowledge and skills to catch Perch independently.

During the Perch Fishing Tactics Class, you’ll dive into the world of perch fishing, starting with an in-depth discussion on the proper gear and equipment needed. We’ll guide you through the selection of rods, reels, lines, and tackle, helping you understand the nuances of each piece of equipment and its importance in maximizing your success on the water.

There is no better setting than the water of Blue Mesa Reservoir. With its abundance of perch, it serves as an ideal classroom for practical learning. Our experienced instructor will also cover locating perch, teaching you how to identify their preferred habitats, feeding patterns, and seasonal behavior. You’ll learn to read the water, analyze underwater structures, and utilize various techniques to entice these feisty fish.

Throughout the class, you’ll receive hands-on guidance and demonstrations, allowing you to put theory into practice. You’ll gain valuable experience in casting, retrieving, and presenting your bait or lure effectively. Our instructor will share their tried-and-true strategies, including bait selection, rigging methods, and presentation techniques that have proven successful in enticing perch.

By the end of the Perch Fishing Tactics Class, you’ll possess newfound confidence in your perch fishing abilities. Equipped with the knowledge of proper gear, expertise in locating perch, effective angling techniques, and how to process the fish you wish to keep.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from instructors with decades of experience and thousands of hours logged on the water. Reserve your spot in the Perch Fishing Tactics Class with GSO Fishing today, and embark on an adventure that will enhance your angling skills and create lasting memories on the beautiful waters of Blue Mesa.

Class Info:

Start Time: 7:00 am
Class Length: 4-5 hours
Boat Ramp: Elk Creek
(We will meet at the Elk Creed Boat ramp at 7 am & Lake Fork Ramp at 7:30 (if anyone is coming from the West) and head out to the fishing grounds.)
Gear: We provide all the fishing gear you will need, so you don’t need to bring any tackle or rods with you.

Topics Covered:

  • Gear
  • Locating Perch
  • Fishing Techniques
  • Detecting The Bite & Setting The Hook
  • Processing Your Fish

This class is sold per seat, and there are only 4 seats available. If the class is sold out and you would like to attend, Contact Us at info@gsofishing.com, and we will add you to the waiting list.

Don’t forget to check out our Level Up Fishing Podcast on YouTube!

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June 22nd 2024, July 27th 2024, August 10th 2024

Customer Reviews

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Mark Painter
Perch Habitat & Habits

I thought the class was good. Learned a lot about different Perch habitat and habits. Often, right after discussing something, the perch would demonstrate it… I am far better prepared after the class to catch perch than I ever have been. Like anything, you just need to know how and where to start, and then start refining the skills from there.

Great Teacher & Extensive Knowledge

Andy was amazing, great teacher, shared his extensive knowledge in ways I understand and can remember. The written materials are very clear and a great takeaway. Plus the knife, lures and spices weren’t expected but very much appreciated. It was very affordable as well. THANK YOU!!!

Worth The Time And Effort

The class was great and really worth the time and effort. Andy is very knowledgeable and did a great job sharing his knowledge with us. He was very thorough and of course it is always fun when you are catching fish. The boat and equipment are top-notch. Thank you for a great day on the lake!