GSO Premium Jig – XL Football Head

GSO Fishing Premium XL Football Head Jig

1/2oz football head, a staple in every big fish hunter’s tackle box. From bass to Lake Trout to Trophy Brown Trout, this head can be used for a multitude of presentations and baits, from grubs to Gulp to swimbaits to custom bass jigs. The football head design makes it more resistant to hanging up in rocky structure and also gives your lure a unique walking motion. 

Built on a Trokar 4/0 round bend hook. The Trokar point penetrates with up to 50% less force, making deep water hook-ups more successful.

We’ve left the weed guard hole open and with the molded in collar, you can easily build this into your go-to bass jig. Just add your skirt of choice and glue in a weedguard.

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