Finesse Jig Rod Selection

GSO Fishing Finesse Jig Rod SelectionFinesse jigs require a unique rod to get the best hook-up and landing ratio possible. Finesse jigs have a lighter wire and a smaller gapped hook than a standard jig. With that in mind, pick a rod that will not overpower the hook on the hookset. 

A standard jig rod is 7′ – 7′ 6″, Medium-Heavy to Heavy Power, fast action. This rod is designed to get a good hookset with a heavy wire hook. The action and power of a standard jig rod will put too much force on a light wire hook and bend it.

A Finesse Jig rod should be 7′ – 7′ 6″, Medium to Medium-Heavy Power, Moderate Fast action. Basically, this rod power and action are in between a topwater/jerkbait rod and a standard jig rod. The moderate-fast action has more bend at the tip which will help load the rod on a sweeping hookset and drive a light wire hook in without overpowering it and bending it.

Finesse Jig Rod Examples: Fenwick Elite Tec, Abu Garcia Verocity, Diawa Tatula