GSO Fishing Premium Jigs

GSO Fishing - Match The Hatch - Crawdads In The Water
Walking the shoreline of Blue Mesa you will see tons of crawdad bodies littering the shoreline as well as some live ones walking in the water. They are a delicacy for both the fish and the birds at Big Blue. IN the Spring you can often find Browns with bellies […]

Match The Hatch – Crawdads

60 vs 90 Line Tie - GSO Fishing
In our jig heads, we offer two line tie options, a 90° and a 60°. The 90° line tie is used when you want your bait to sit or swim horizontally. We use these heads for vertical fishing jigs or casting swimbaits in order to keep the lure parallel in […]

90° Line Tie vs. 60° Line Tie – Quick Tips

GSO Premium Heavy Wire Tube Jigs - Side View of 5 Sizes
Why are there so many different weights available for the same jig head that fits the same jig? The answer is “fall rate” The example photo is a line-up of our large tube jig heads. 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz., and 1 oz. You can use this […]

Picking The Right Jig Head Weight

Lake Trout caught on GSO Premium Big Game Head (green)
One of the hardest things to learn in any type of fishing is knowing when a fish has taken your lure or bait. Here’s a couple of quick tips to help with bite detection for kids and beginners while ice fishing Use a heavier jig head or weight. This will […]

Ice Fishing – Detecting the Bite Quick Tips

GSO Fishing - Ice Hole Setup
Ice Hole Set-up when using your fish finder and 2 rods The optimal set-up we’ve found for setting up your holes is as follows… Drill 3 holes in a pyramid shape. The top/center hole is for your fish finder. The two holes to either side are for fishing.  This setup […]

Ice Hole Setup

GSO Fishing Charging Glow Jigs - Chartreuse Shad Fry
Many of our jigs feature Super Glow powder paints that charge via natural sunlight, indoor lights, and UV/black lights including our Shad fry and Mag Shad Fry. Although it isn’t made very clear on any of the websites and articles we have found about Super Glow paint, we find that […]

Charging Glow Jigs

GSO Fishing Finesse Jig Rod Selection - Spinning & Baitcasting Rods leaning against the wall
Finesse jigs require a unique rod to get the best hook-up and landing ratio possible. Finesse jigs have a lighter wire and a smaller gapped hook than a standard jig. With that in mind, pick a rod that will not overpower the hook on the hookset.  A standard jig rod […]

Finesse Jig Rod Selection

Marabou Jigs - Basics - GSO Fishing - Various Marabou Jigs in Black, Green, White, and Orange
Ever wonder ‘what is a marabou jig and when do I use it?’ Here is a quick overview of Marabou Jig – Basics. Read our other blog posts for more in-depth information about Marabou Jigs and how to use them. What Is It: Cast & Retrieve Jig made out of […]

Marabou Jig – Basics