How To Dress In Layers For Your Next Guided Trip

Colorado is known for having temperamental weather at best and for snowing on the 4th of July at worst. We can go from sun to rain to blowing snow in 10 minutes on any day of the year. So, what does that mean when you’ve scheduled a guided trip and the forecast says it will be sunny with a slight breeze… remember it’s still Colorado and it may not be as pretty as the forecast says.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

We’ve all looked outside and seen the sun shining and the birds chirping so we throw on our shorts only to walk outside and immediately break out in goosebumps. Colorado air carries a coolness to it all year long that can chill you to the bone if you are not prepared for it. The number one rule of thumb when dressing for an outdoor trip in Colorado is to wear multiple layers. You can always take layers off but you can’t put them on if you don’t have them with you. Dressing in layers is especially helpful for visitors who come from much warmer climates like Texas & Florida.

Layers Can/Should Include:

Base Layer: Tank Top/T-shirt (great if it gets extra hot but be sure to apply lots of sunscreen.)

Middle Layer: Long Sleeve Shirt (UV is best especially for people with fair skin. Lightweight fishing shirts are also great for people with fair skin on those extra hot days. They breathe much better than regular cotton shirts so you can keep them on all day without burning your skin.)

Thermal Underwear (for extra protection from the cold during Spring & Fall trips.)

Tear Away Pants/Pants that zipper off into shorts (a must for cool mornings on the water that turn into hot days.)

Outer Layer: Sweatshirt/Hoodie 

Extra Outer Layer: Coat

Intense Rays

We can’t say enough good things about UV protective clothing. The sun can be incredibly intense in Colorado with our higher elevations but it is even worse when you’re out on the water and the sun is beating down on you from above and reflecting back up off the surface of the water. Some of our favorite UV products are manufactured by Simms, Columbia, and Huk (we are not affiliated with these companies, we just like their products.) You can find these brands in your local sporting goods store or online.

Closed Toe Shoes

Hands down the best footwear to wear on a guided trip is tennis shoes. If you wear flip-flops or sandals you run the risk of getting a hook in your foot or burning your skin from the sun.

Extra Precautions

  • Blankets: for those early morning trips blankets can come in handy when you are motoring across the lake. The cool air coming off the water can chill even the most seasoned weather veteran of Colorado.
  • Hats, Gloves, Face Buffs: it’s always a good idea to pack lightweight hats, gloves, and face buffs for various weather conditions.
  • Backpack: Backpacks on the boat are key for keeping all your unworn gear safely tucked away so you don’t trip on it and it won’t blow out of the boat when you are motoring across the lake.
  • Lightweight Fishing Shirt: As we mentioned above some days can get incredibly hot on the water but for people with fair skin, taking off your long sleeves isn’t always the best idea. Lightweight fishing shirts breathe much better than regular cotton so they keep you cool and protect you from the sun’s rays.
  • Sunscreen: always bring extra sunscreen when you’re headed to do any outdoor activities in Colorado.

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