Level Up Fishing Podcast: Episode 17 – Bass Fishing For Trout

Bass Fishing For Trout – Level Up Fishing Podcast Hosts Stormy Cochran and Andy Cochran (Owners of GSO Fishing)

Welcome to Episode 17 of the Level Up Fishing Podcast: In this episode, we’re exploring how techniques and lures commonly used for bass fishing can also work wonders when targeting trout.

Despite their physical differences, trout and bass have a lot in common when it comes to food and attitude. We’ll discuss several different types of “bass” lures that we use when trout fishing, including: topwater lures, ned rigs, finesse jigs, tube jigs, jerkbaits, and more!

Join us as we share insights and tips on how to adapt these bass-centric methods to reel in those elusive trout. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, there’s something here for everyone. Grab your favorite snack, get comfortable, and join us as we discuss how anglers can level up their trout game using bass fishing techniques. So that the next time you hit the water, you can use these techniques to reel in those trophy trout!

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