Level Up Fishing Podcast – Episode 2 “60 vs 90 Tube Jig Head Line Tie”

Level Up Fishing Podcast Hosts Stormy Cochran and Andy Cochran (Owners of GSO Fishing)

On this week’s episode, we officially announced our new name: The Level Up Fishing Podcast, as well as broke down 60 vs. 90 line ties on tube jig heads.

It’s no secret that 60 degree line ties are designed for casting jigs and 90 degree line ties are designed for vertical jigging, but Andy breaks down how you can effectively use each style in scenarios they are not specifically designed for.

It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing for trout, bass, walleye, or panfish; you can make both of these jig head line tie styles work for you as you level up your fishing techniques.

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