Mastering The Tube Jig Training

Mastering The Tube Jig Training - Replay Video Instructor Andy Cochran GSO Fishing

Watch the replay of our one-hour Zoom training session – “Mastering Tube Jigs – Ice Edition.” We tailored this event specifically for anglers seeking to elevate their expertise in utilizing tube jig heads for ice fishing.

So, whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newcomer to the ice fishing scene, this session aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the techniques for success when fishing tube jigs in cold-water conditions.

What to Expect:
– In-depth insights into tube jig head selection as well as weight selection
– Common struggles anglers face with tube jigs
– To bait or not to bait…the power of scent.
– Techniques for maximizing success on the ice
– Answers to FAQs we get asked about fishing tube jigs