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Introducing our Trophy Box – the ultimate kit for chasing big predator species on the water! Packed with all the essentials, this tackle box is your go-to solution whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler looking to replenish your gear.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to lure in those trophy catches, from versatile jig heads to irresistible tube jigs and even scents to draw in the big ones. We’ve also included a sturdy pair of fishing pliers to help with easy hook removal.

Our jigs and tubes are versatile in their variety and adaptable in their applications. Whether you prefer trolling, vertical jigging, casting and retrieving, or pounding the bottom, these lures are up for the task.

Predator fishing is an ever-changing pursuit, where adaptability is key to success. Each day presents a new challenge as these elusive predators dictate their preferences. Some days, they’re hunkered down, preferring you to entice them by pounding the bottom with your lures, mimicking the movements of potential prey. Other days, they’re on the hunt, demanding a more active approach as you cast and retrieve to mimic fleeing baitfish, tempting them with irresistible action. And then, there are those days when they’re in pursuit mode, craving the thrill of the chase. On these occasions, trolling your tubes becomes a must, enticing these apex predators to strike with instinctual aggression. With each shift in behavior, predator fishing demands versatility, strategy, and a keen understanding of the nuances of the water.

With the Trophy Box, you can confidently tackle any fishing adventure knowing you have top-quality gear at your fingertips. So why wait? Upgrade your tackle arsenal today.


  • 1 Pack of 1/4 oz. Standard 90 Tube Jig Heads
  • 1 Pack of 4″ Fresh Water Basics Tube Jigs
  • 4 0.5 oz. Bottles Of Pro Cure Scents
  • 1 Assortment Pack Of Heavy Wire Tube Jig Heads
  • 1 Pack of Radical Glow 5″ Torpedoes Tube Jigs
  • 1 Pack of 3 oz GraveDigger Tube Jig Heads
  • 1 Pack of Fresh Water Basics 7″ Tora Tubes
  • 1 Pair Of Fishing Pliers
  • 1 Evolution Tackle Tray
  • 1 Medium GSO Fishing Sticker

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