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GSO Fishing Summer Vacation Fishing Trip (Family of anglers holding up their trout for the camera)

Reputable Fishing Guide Service Blot Post: Image of GSO Fishing Clients with their catches of the day.

As schools prepare for their final weeks and Summer quickly approaches, more and more households are beginning to plan their summer vacations. However, with so many outdoor activities to choose from, like mountain biking, rock climbing, nature hikes, paddleboarding, kayaking, and so many more, it’s easy to forget to plan some downtime for your family also.

Hiring a guide service to take your family out fishing on a lake is a great way to have a day to sit, relax, and enjoy some time on the water. 

As you research different guide services in the area, you’ll want to ensure that whomever you are booking with is a reputable guide service. Not someone with a boat posing as a fishing guide or worse, a guide undercutting their employer.

While researching your options, you should be able to identify a reputable guide service if you double-check the following questions.

  1. Do They Have A Company Name?
  2. Do They Have A Website & Social Media Presence?
  3. Do they have an About Us page on their website that lists how long they have been professionally guiding?
  4. In their Social Media posts, do they only use ‘friend’ instead of client or customer when referring to someone catching fishing in their photos? (Yes, guides can (and do) take their friends fishing, but every post on the social media page shouldn’t say the word friend instead of clients.)
  5. Do They Have Reviews On Their Website or Social Media?
  6. Are the reviews generic or heartfelt words with photos?
  7. Are They A Part Of Their Local Chamber Of Commerce or Tourism Association?
  8. Check With The Managing Organization Of The Fishery They Are Guiding On? (Parks Service, BLM, CPW, City, etc.)
  9. Does Their Equipment/Boat Have The Brand Name Or Logo On It?
  10. Do They Offer Other Payment Options Besides Cash? (Their website should list this information.)
  11. If You Write Them, A Check, Are You Making It Out To A Company Name or just The Guide’s Name? (Their website should list this information.)

(Most of this information will be on their website and social media pages.)

Hiring a guide service to take your family out for a day on the lake is the perfect way to add a relaxing day to your otherwise busy vacation. By doing your research and asking yourself these questions, you can feel confident that your family will have a great experience.

We hope you will consider visiting Colorado and booking a guided fishing trip with our team at GSO Fishing.

 – Team GSO Fishing

If you have any questions about booking with a reputable fishing guide service, we are here to help. Visit our Contact Us page to call, text, email, or dm us.