Shoreline Fishing – Rough Terrain

Rough Terrain: Showcasing our Wild River Backpack and how we hook our fishing rods to it for easy travel across muddy terrain.Rough Terrain / Muddy Beaches:
Some of the very best fishing has the absolutely worst terrain to navigate and that’s why we access it from our boat. Take away that option and you’re left with walking in on foot or missing out on some amazing fishing.
Here are some of our quick and easy tips for navigating rough/muddy terrain:
    • Wear high top sturdy shoes. Oftentimes, the best fishing is in the rocks. That itself poses many challenges but it makes it even worse on your hips and back when standing on the rocks and casting. High top boots help keep your ankles stable and your balance even. Keep in mind that you will be hiking in, sometimes far. Then stand on the rocks and in mud while you fish for hours on end, then you gotta hike back out. So, pick out your footwear accordingly. Flip flops and tennis shoes probably won’t cut it…
  • When hauling fishing gear put it in a backpack. Several companies make fishing-specific backpacks like Flambeau and Wild River. They make hauling your gear over rough terrain that much easier. It’s amazing how much more balance you have when your tackle is centered on your back rather than in your hands.
  • As we mentioned in our Tackle Selection post, remember to pair down your tackle. Invest in tackle trays that are configurable and fit in your backpack. Multi piece rods will also be much easier to strap to your backpack, freeing up your hands for any tough hiking terrain. – Andy Cochran

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