Trusted Tackle Companies – 4 Fins Weights

GSO Fishing - Blue Mesa 4 Fins SunriseHere at GSO Fishing, we are always looking for anything that can make our time on the water more efficient. When we find tools or tackle that fit that bill we love to share it with other anglers in hopes of helping them be more efficient and successful on the water as well.

We want to introduce you to 4 Fins Downrigger Weights. Andy has been using these weights for about a month now and is sold on their performance. California born, these weights were designed with serious downrigging in mind.
The fish shaped body is much more hydrodynamic than the standard round weights on the market. The benefits of this are straighter tracking and less swing back. When trolling deep, 100 feet plus, along with stacking 2 rods per ‘rigger, these weights run much straighter under the boat, especially at higher speed. Round downrigger “balls” will oftentimes swing back as much as 20 feet behind the boat, where these weights may only swing back 5 or 6 feet. The other plus to their tracking ability is how well they stay under the boat in sharp turns.

Andy uses Scotty High Performance electric downriggers. These ‘riggers are FAST. A common problem with other round weights when retrieved at a high rate of speed is they begin to swing side to side on the way up. If you’re not careful, they will swing into your boat or swim ladder. The 4 Fins weights are perfectly balanced and have vertical and horizontal fins to keep them square in the water. They come straight up at a high rate of speed.

One lesser known feature of the weights is the coating. Line-X, UV inhibiting coating is put over the lead body. This creates a tough outer shell that actually absorbs UV light, making it much less visible in the water. Over the last month, Andy has noticed consistently less fish spooking from the ball, all because of this coating.

At GSO Fishing we do not take our tool and tackle recommendations lightly. To get a recommendation from us we put these products through the paces and make sure that we can rely on them. We are sold on the features and quality of the 4 Fins Weights and would gladly recommend them to anyone.

These 4 Fins Weights can be purchased at Gene Taylors Sporting Goods Gunnison and other retailers across the US. 4 Fins website is currently being updated so visit their Facebook page linked below for more information about their company.