GSO Premium Jigs

All of our jigs are hand poured, trimmed, and packaged. We spend countless hours designing each jig until we get it just right. We use only the best materials ensuring they hold up to all fishing conditions. They are Guide approved and backed by decades of fishing experience and 15+ years of working in the fishing industry.
We’ve worked hard to make sure they’ve earned their title as Premium Fishing Jigs.

GSO Premium Heavy Wire Tube Jigs

This is our go-to head for vertical jigging for brown trout and trophy lake trout. The traditional cylinder shape head design along with a 90-degree… Click for more info!

60° Tube Jig Hook - Short Shank

This head is designed as a casting head. The 60° line tie and tear drop head design keeps… Click for more info!

GSO Premium Big Game Head

We wanted to design a multi-use jig head that would have the strength and design to catch ANY fish you want to catch. This head can be used with… Click for more info!