90° Line Tie vs. 60° Line Tie

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The line tie also referred to as the “eye” of the jig head, comes in different styles/degrees. The degree of the line tie affects the decent of the jig, the position of the jig in the water, as well as the technique of fishing.

Two common line tie options are 90° and a 60°.

The 90° line tie is used when you want your bait to sit or swim horizontally. We use these heads for vertical fishing jigs or casting swimbaits in order to keep the lure parallel in the water column. 

The 60° heads are designed for casting and retrieving tubes on sloping banks. The 60° line tie helps keep the nose of the tube down, giving it a life-like appearance as it glides down and climbs across rocks.

During a jig’s freefall, The 90° will allow a tube to circle down in a wide spiraling motion, whereas the 60° will fall in a much tighter circle and have a faster descent. It is also worth experimenting with these different types of looks if the fish are suspended and are willing to react to the motion of the jig on the fall rather than when it’s on the bottom.

If you are trying to get a horizontal presentation of your jig during ice season, then a 60° won’t give you the desired results you’re hoping for. Instead, switching to a 90° balanced jig head would give you much better results.

The same can be said for trying to jig a 90° line tie across rocks on the bottom of the lake. The jig will not sit nose down and won’t give the jig a life-like appearance as you pull it over rocks. This has the possibility to deter predator fish and cost you bites.


For the best results and more bites, be sure to match your jig head and line tie to your fishing technique. For More Great Fishing Tips & Tactics Like 60° vs 90° – Read Over Our Other Blog Posts & Join Our GSO Fishing Facebook Group

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Article Updated: 9/27/22 By Team GSO Fishing