GSO Fishing - Ice Hole Setup
Ice Hole Set-up when using your fish finder and 2 rods The optimal set-up we’ve found for setting up your holes is as follows… Drill 3 holes in a pyramid shape. The top/center hole is for your fish finder. The two holes to either side are for fishing.  This setup […]

Ice Hole Setup

GSO Fishing Charging Glow Jigs - Chartreuse Shad Fry
Many of our jigs feature Super Glow powder paints that charge via natural sunlight, indoor lights, and UV/black lights including our Shad fry and Mag Shad Fry. Although it isn’t made very clear on any of the websites and articles we have found about Super Glow paint, we find that […]

Charging Glow Jigs

Kokanee Bait Scents - Corn Scents - GSO Fishing - Green Giant White Shoepeg Corn, Pautzke Fire Corn, Smelly Jelly Scent, Pro-Cure Kokanee Special Super Gel, Mike's Extra Strength Kokanee Glo Scent, Pro Cure's Bait Sauce Tuna
Kokanne Salmon – Trolling with Corn Kokanee are a plankton eater, meaning that despite popular belief, Kokanee do not eat your lures. They are extremely territorial so when a Kokanee goes after your lure it is actually to defend their territory. So, how do you lure in a fish that […]

Trolling With Corn – Kokanne Salmon

GSO Fishing - Glow Agitator Jigs in Pink and Green
With almost all fishing lures and jig heads, there are 3 types of paint finishes Regular Colored Finishes and Paints UV Glow Finishes and Paints Glow Finishes and Paints Regular Finishes These finishes are the most common and used most of the time in shallow water, less than 30 feet. […]

Understanding Glow – Jig Paint Finishes