Charging Glow Jigs

Charging Glow Jigs - GSO FishingMany of our jigs feature Super Glow powder paints that charge via natural sunlight, indoor lights, and UV/black lights including our Shad fry and Mag Shad Fry.

Although it isn’t made very clear on any of the websites and articles we have found about Super Glow paint, we find that our glow jigs work best if they have at least 1-2 minutes of charging in natural sunlight or black/UV light. 

If you are just charging with a regular flashlight (which we don’t recommend but it can be done) it will take longer to charge the jigs to their full glow strength.

Guide Tip:

We put our glow jigs inside a clear/semi-clear jig box and place them in the direct sunlight while we are fishing to ensure that when we need to switch colors or sizes our jigs are already charged and ready to go. We also tie multiple colors and sizes on our rods and place them in the sunlight until we need them.

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