Shoreline Fishing – Lure Presentation

Lure Presentation: Showing the sunny shoreline of Blue Mesa Reservoir in the fall. Lure Presentation

Angles, shadows, structure, and wind direction are a few factors that determine what lure to throw, where to throw it and how to work it. Lure presentation from the shore can also become a “fisherman position” challenge. Be sure to pick the best area of the lake to fish based on these factors.

In the spring, another factor to think about is concentrating on the north side of the lake. The fish are colder thus more lethargic and these areas will have the best exposure to direct sunlight, warming the water faster. Thus fish will migrate to these areas in search of food and sunlight.

Always position yourself so that you can present your lure in the most efficient manner. If you know the fish are in a certain zone but they follow and don’t bite consider changing the direction of your cast before trying a new lure. Try casting parallel to the bank, or move 20 feet to the left and cast back to where you came from. Changing the angle of retrieve can make all the difference sometimes.


Rod Position Pro Tip:

Factors like rod tip up vs. rod tip down change the way your lure is presented in the water. Holding your rod tip up with a faster retrieve will often times skim your lure across the top of the water column. Holding your rod tip down with a slow retrieve can sometimes dig your lure into the rocks or sandy bottom of the lake. Know where the fish your are targeting are feeding. Are they hunting baitfish on the surface or crawfish on the the bottom? Once you figure out how the fish are feeding hold your rod tip accordingly.

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