Shoreline Fishing – Shore Crowding

Shore Crowding: Anglers fishing at sunset close together on the shoreline.With many anglers fishing from the shore right now, we’ve definitely witnessed some shore crowding even at Blue Mesa. If shore crowding is an issue in your area select a section of bank that has harder to navigate terrain. Most anglers won’t fish in the rocks so this will give you a bit more shoreline to yourself.

If you’re “stuck” in a small section of the lake, be sure to not over fish your section of the bank with the same lure. That doesn’t mean you have to stop fishing, it simply means move up and down the shoreline where possible, casting your bait in different directions (which we will talk about more in-depth in a future post) giving each side of your section of shoreline a break. Also, switch lures as the bite slows to show the fish something different. Select lures that are more natural-looking and smaller in size. These will help fool pressured fish as well.

There are no laws about the minimum distance between anglers, besides the current social distancing regulations. Use common courtesy and try to stay at least a long cast away from others. As the day progresses and the fishing slows, ask fellow anglers if they’re willing to switch spots. Maybe your technique will catch fish in their area and vise versa. -Andy Cochran

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