Shoreline Fishing – Wind Direction

Wind Direction: Windy water surface of Blue Mesa Reservoir in the Spring.Wind Direction – “Wind is your friend!”

One thing we always try to do in the boat is chase the wind. Wind moves bait around and breaks up the surface, making the fish easier to catch. The rough surface will break up the light penetration, making your lures less visible, which helps fool sight feeding fish into biting something that’s not as natural looking.

When shore fishing, keep these concepts in mind as well. If you have the option, find a place where the wind will be blowing straight into your location. This will be the ideal place to fish.

Bait will be forced into your location by the wind, riding the wind current, bringing the predator fish to you. If you can cast straight into the wind and bring your lure with the wind current it will look more natural and you will catch more fish.

If the wind is blowing really hard, it’s going to make casting straight into it difficult. The next best thing would be to find an area where the wind direction is blowing across your area sideways. You will be able to cast better and still use the wind current to your advantage to position the fish.

Be sure to keep yourself and your tackle mobile so you can “chase the wind” as it changes directions or dies down. We have more great tips about tackle and all things shoreline fishing here in our blog. For more great fishing information join our GSO Fishing Facebook Group.