Take A Kid Fishing

GSO Fishing owner Andy Cochran holding his fishing pole at the lakes edge when he was a child#TakeAKidFishing

Our hashtag is more than just a hashtag, it’s the foundation of our entire business. Every trip we’ve taken, every angler we’ve helped, every jig we’ve produced, all started with Andy, and the fact that his family took him fishing as a child. Little did they know that his childhood love of fishing would turn into a passion so deep that it would become the foundation for his entire life and impact those around him.


From his first fishing memory at the age of five, (he thinks) to getting in trouble for staying out fishing until well after dark, to choosing to attend Western State not because of the school but because of the outstanding fishing in the Gunnison Valley. From his first day at Gene Taylors Sporting Goods twenty years ago, to becoming the Fishing Dept. buyer. Starting Gunnison Sports Outfitters, taking his first trip, hiring our outstanding team of guides, evolving into GSO Fishing and starting GSO Premium Jigs. It all happened because his family took him fishing as a child. Not because his family loved to fish, but because they wanted to open up the door for anything Andy had a passion for.


Their support, and willingness to let him try new things lead to all things GSO Fishing. #takeakidfishing

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