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GSO Fishing - Ice Hole Setup
Ice Hole Set-up when using your fish finder and 2 rods The optimal set-up we’ve found for setting up your holes is as follows… Drill 3 holes in a pyramid shape. The top/center hole is for your fish finder. The two holes to either side are for fishing.  This setup […]

Ice Hole Setup

You often see home decor signs and/or social media posts saying “We interrupt this marriage for Hunting Season.” It’s easy to laugh off as a joke but for couples across the country this is reality from Aug 15th to November…or sometimes well into December. 17 years ago Andy and I […]

We Interrupt This Marriage For Hunting Season

GSO Fishing - Guide Hunter Pierson caught a beautiful lake trout with his golden retriever puppy
When you’re only focused on moving forward it is easy to forget how far you’ve come. The first half of 2020 has thrown us some curves and a few uphill battles but we are still standing strong. So Far In 2020, We’ve: – Had the pleasure of joining Terry Wickstrom Outdoors on […]

First Half Of 2020

GSO Fishing owner Andy Cochran holding his fishing pole at the lakes edge when he was a child
#TakeAKidFishing Our hashtag is more than just a hashtag, it’s the foundation of our entire business. Every trip we’ve taken, every angler we’ve helped, every jig we’ve produced, all started with Andy, and the fact that his family took him fishing as a child. Little did they know that his […]

Take A Kid Fishing

GSO Fishing Premium Jigs Piled High And Waiting To Be Packaged
Andy and I have spent countless hours working on jigs in our shop this year. Painting, pouring, baking, packaging. Rinse, lather, repeat… We want to make sure that we’re fully stocked in stores and online but that means long, hard hours, and lots of late nights. From time to time […]

GSO Fishing Premium Jigs – An Easier Way