We Interrupt This Marriage For Hunting Season

We Interrupt This Marriage For Hunting Season- Water Color Elk Photo With Saying Crossed Out - GSO FishingYou often see home decor signs and/or social media posts saying “We interrupt this marriage for Hunting Season.” It’s easy to laugh off as a joke but for couples across the country this is reality from Aug 15th to November…or sometimes well into December.

17 years ago Andy and I were no exception to this “rule.” I had never hunted and barely fished before I met Andy. Since the outdoors were Andy’s whole world from the moment he learned to walk, we found ourselves caught in an ugly cycle every fall. Andy would head to the woods to hunt and thankfully provide meat for our family but I would miss my husband dearly. This lead to many arguments and several full blown fights.

As the years progressed we’ve learned the power of compromise. Instead of Andy heading off to the woods alone we found a babysitter and we went together. Or, when he would head to the lake the girls and I were right there with him. He was getting time in the woods or on the water and I was getting time with him. Win-win!

Years Of Progress

I wish I could say I was a natural in the woods and on the water but man was it a struggle… Andy was patient and I was eager to learn. Over the years I learned to spot animals, haul gear, hunt as a team, and fish.

Since then, we’ve won fishing tournaments together, harvested some amazing animals, and made countless memories.

This may not be your story but the point is TRY. Invite your spouse to go with you or offer to go with your partner even if it isn’t your thing. This is the perfect opportunity for you to grow as a couple.

Advice From A Couple Who Has Been There

If you are the teacher: Remember to be patient! You have been doing this much longer than your spouse has. Give tips on how you spot animals, how you cast a fishing rod, how you shoot a gun, or the way tie on your lures. Whatever you do do not talk down to your partner.

If you are the student: Be willing to try! I watched, learned, listened, and most of all I was willing to try. Now, I love fishing and being at the lake even more than Andy does.

The Future

Teach your spouse the who, what, when, where, and why of your love of the outdoors. In the end, maybe they will love it more than you do or maybe they will just enjoy spending time with you. Either way it’s a win for you both. #gsofishing #gsofamily