TRG MudBugs

GSO Fishing - Ice Hole Setup
Ice Hole Set-up when using your fish finder and 2 rods The optimal set-up we’ve found for setting up your holes is as follows… Drill 3 holes in a pyramid shape. The top/center hole is for your fish finder. The two holes to either side are for fishing.  This setup […]

Ice Hole Setup

GSO Fishing - TRG MudBugs - How To Use - Display of Football Head & Ned Rig with TRG MudBugs
With the addition of the new TRG MudBugs, we thought we’d share a few uses for these soft plastic, Finesse craws. You can use them as a jig trailer or on a football head, or even on a ned rig. Keep reading to find out how. . 1 – Use […]

Three Uses For Our TRG MudBugs

GSO Fishing Premium Jigs Piled High And Waiting To Be Packaged
Andy and I have spent countless hours working on jigs in our shop this year. Painting, pouring, baking, packaging. Rinse, lather, repeat… We want to make sure that we’re fully stocked in stores and online but that means long, hard hours, and lots of late nights. From time to time […]

GSO Fishing Premium Jigs – An Easier Way