GSO Fishing Premium Jigs – An Easier Way

GSO Fishing Premium Jigs Piled High And Waiting To Be PackagedAndy and I have spent countless hours working on jigs in our shop this year. Painting, pouring, baking, packaging. Rinse, lather, repeat…

We want to make sure that we’re fully stocked in stores and online but that means long, hard hours, and lots of late nights. From time to time (usually around midnight) We find ourselves saying “there has to be an easier way to do this!!!” And, the truth of the matter is there is an easier way…

We could find cheaper hooks and raise our profits, we don’t have to spend hours filing rough edges, hand painting or adding eyes and going the extra step by sealing them. We could use cheap paint that doesn’t glow, we don’t have to hand-tie bait keepers on our Finesse jigs, and maybe it doesn’t matter to others when the line tie has paint in it… That alone would save us countless hours of busting paint out! The truth is, there is an easier way… but it’s not our way.

We’ve spent over two decades just gathering knowledge on products in the industry. Years upon years of testing products seeing what works, what doesn’t, and what just needs minor improvements. What level of fishing expertise it takes to use different products and how a product performs in different bodies of water. We took all that knowledge and turned it into a tool for our clients and customers to use to be successful out on the water.

That’s why we file all of our jigs smooth, use the best hooks that don’t flex and bend under pressure, use glow paint that actually glows the same color as the paint and not just green, seal the eyes so they don’t come off in the water, offer multiple sizes and styles based on the species you’re targeting, why we spend so many hours busting the paint out of the line tie so you don’t have to, and tying bait keepers on our Finesse jigs.

The fact of the matter is it’s not easy, and it won’t ever be easy. There may be a better or more efficient way than what we’re currently doing but it won’t be easier because quality isn’t easy. #gsopremiumjigs

-Stormy Cochran