Three Uses For Our TRG MudBugs

GSO Fishing - TRG MudBugs - How To Use - Display of Football Head & Ned Rig with TRG MudBugs Jig TrailerWith the addition of the new TRG MudBugs, we thought we’d share a few uses for these soft plastic, Finesse craws. You can use them as a jig trailer or on a football head, or even on a ned rig. Keep reading to find out how.
1 – Use It As A Jig Trailer.
We designed the MudBugs to match our Premium Finesse Football Head jigs, but they will work great with a lot of other jigs as well. Matching these with any Finesse jig on the market makes the perfect combination jig head and jig trailer.
2 – Use It On A Football Head
Our MudBugs are the perfect size to tempt any fish that eats crawdads. A football head is a great head when you want the craw to lay along the bottom in a natural position.
3 – Ned Rig Bait
A technique that’s grown in popularity the last few years is the Ned Rig. This rig utilizes a stand-up head and the TRG MudBugs are the perfect bait for it. The buoyancy of the Mudbugs creates a defensive crawdad’s pose with the claws up high. A very visual and easy meal for any predator.
Features our GSO Premium Football head with our Magic Craw MudBug. The Ned Rig head in this photo is a Z-Man head. Visit the Z-Man website for more information about this specific head type.
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