Lucky Catch – Where Preparation Meets Opportunity

Lucky Catch - Where Preparation Meets Opportunity - GSO Fishing

Lucky CatchWhere Preparation Meets Opportunity

Luck. It’s a common term you hear used in fishing. “I got lucky today and caught ’em.” Wait a second… If you caught fish, is that really luck, or did your actions play a role in your success? 

The definition of Luck reads: success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions… So, luck is absolutely out of your control…or is it?

We once heard someone describe fishing luck as where preparation meets opportunity, and that definition has stuck with us ever since.

As an angler, you can let chance decide your fate, or you can focus on the details of the second definition and greatly improve your chances of getting “lucky.”

Preparation – Prepare your equipment. 

  • Make sure your line is fresh and that it’s the right line for your technique or situation. 
  • Check your knots and your line above your lure for knicks and cuts. 
  • Check your hooks. Are they sharp? Are the points straight? 
  • Check your drag settings on your reels, are they adjusted to match your target fish, lure size and cover? 

A bite can come anytime, so ensure your equipment is prepared for that.

Opportunity – Put yourself in the right situation or place.  

  • Know how to find the right place to fish, and be there at the right time.
  • Do your homework on your desired fishing location and species before you head out. 
  • Don’t spend countless hours fishing “dead” water when there is a seasonal pattern or area that has them biting.

By controlling the variables that you actually have the ability to control, you will put yourself in the best position to collide with the “lucky” catch.

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