Match The Hatch – Crawdads

GSO Fishing - Match The Hatch - CrawdadsWalking the shoreline of Blue Mesa you will see tons of crawdad bodies littering the shoreline as well as some live ones walking in the water. They are a delicacy for both the fish and the birds at Big Blue.

IN the Spring you can often find Browns with bellies full of various sizes of crawdads. It’s easy to tell what they have been feasting on because when you pick the fish up out of the water their bellies are distended and feel a bit “crunchy.”

Fishing bottom contact lures is a great way to match the hatch and when fished properly, often produce great results.

Additional Tip: If you are getting bites but the fish aren’t fully committing to your bait, before switching to another lure try fishing different colors/patterns of the same bait. Often times it is the color/pattern that is wrong and not the bait itself.

Some Great Bottom Contact Lures: Marabou Jigs, Crankbaits, & Football Head Finesse Jigs.

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