Fish Recipes

GSO Fishing - Garlic Pepper Trout Fillets Cooking In Pan
Garlic Pepper Trout Fillets: People ask our guides all the time how they cook their trout and honestly we all prepare it differently. Some of our guides love to make it super spicy, some love to smoke the fillets and eat them with cheese. They even been known to make […]

Garlic Pepper Trout Fillets – Guide Favorite

Rowe's Cajun Perch Tacos with white sauce and lemons to garnish
Looking for the perfect recipe to spice up your next Taco Tuesday? Look no further than Rowe’s Cajun Fish Tacos! These Cajun perch fillets paired with Liz’s Secret Sauce melt in your mouth and keep you craving more! . Ingredients: Blue Mesa Perch (as many as you want to eat) […]

Rowe’s Cajun Fish Tacos

GSO Fishing - Ryan's Easy Fish Tacos With Salsa
Not sure what to make for dinner tonight? Why not try guide Ryan Vanlanen’s easy fish tacos! They only take around 10 minutes to make. . Ingredients: Blue Mesa Perch (6-12 fillets) (Note: Any kind of fish will work with this recipe) Powdered Taco Seasoning (1 package) Oil (3 tsp) […]

Guide Ryan VanLanen’s Easy Fish Tacos