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Hang-ups Shore fishing can pose some issues when fishing certain types of lures. The main ones are lures that are fished on the bottom or in the deeper part of the water column. Two examples would be jigs and jerkbaits. Marabous As you bring these lures in, you are fishing […]

Shoreline Fishing – Hang-Ups

Casting Distance vs. Strike Zone. This time of year, do you notice that boat anglers are usually casting towards the bank and most of the time, trying to get their lure as close to the shore as possible? In the Spring and early Summer, most fish are shallow to very […]

Shoreline Fishing – Strike Zone

With many anglers fishing from the shore right now, we’ve definitely witnessed some shore crowding even at Blue Mesa. If shore crowding is an issue in your area select a section of bank that has harder to navigate terrain. Most anglers won’t fish in the rocks so this will give […]

Shoreline Fishing – Shore Crowding

Wind Direction – “Wind is your friend!” One thing we always try to do in the boat is chase the wind. Wind moves bait around and breaks up the surface, making the fish easier to catch. The rough surface will break up the light penetration, making your lures less visible, […]

Shoreline Fishing – Wind Direction

Lure Presentation Angles, shadows, structure, and wind direction are a few factors that determine what lure to throw, where to throw it and how to work it. Lure presentation from the shore can also become a “fisherman position” challenge. Be sure to pick the best area of the lake to […]

Shoreline Fishing – Lure Presentation

Rough Terrain / Muddy Beaches: Some of the very best fishing has the absolutely worst terrain to navigate and that’s why we access it from our boat. Take away that option and you’re left with walking in on foot or missing out on some amazing fishing. Here are some of […]

Shoreline Fishing – Rough Terrain